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Hello Guys, Today I’ll be talking about some “Products I Regret Purchasing” and yea I know this is quite unusual because I generally don’t say a lot of bad things about a products. If I don’t like a product, I just simply stop using it and then forget about it however an idea clicked my mind last night that I must aware my readers about the bad products and that’s why I’m sitting here now and writing this post for you all.

Products I regret purchasing

I hope this post helps my readers not to buy any of these products and waste money. Let’s get started in no particular order because I regret buying them all (rofl).

Products I Regret Purchasing

  • L’Oreal Kajal Magique (INR 220): This kajal is really slippery and it doesn’t stay on my eyes no matter how intensely I use it. I’m a kajal-person so you will never see me without wearing a line under my eyes so I had to try this when it was launched however I dint liked it at all. It’s way too creamy and just fades away within 1 or two-hour which is a BIG nay for me.
  • Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Thailam (INR 475): Okay a product from my favorite brand is also in the list and those who think popular brands don’t have bad products then it’s wrong. This oil is basically a “beauty oil” which works as a de-tan but it doesn’t work. I mean I’ve tried it for more than a month  but it failed to show improvement. It does moisturize but doesn’t improve or remove tanning in any way.
  • Street-wear Color Rich Foundation (INR 200):  I’ve heard that this foundation is good for daily-use however it dint impressed me much. First of all, it is only available in three shades, second it provides sheer coverage and it’s better to purchase BB cream at the same price rather than going for it.
  • Beauty Formula Tea Tree Nose Pore Strip (INR 225): I’m fighting blackheads since I don’t know when and still haven’t found something that I can say actually works. So, I bought these nose strips and it also did NOTHING. I mean i followed all the directions but when I removed it (first of all removing it was so painful) I saw clean strip with no blackheads out and my nose was just like before. Urggg, you’re paying around 40 per strip and it doesn’t work.. Not recommended.

Products I regret Buying1

  • Amway Attitude Gloss-Icy Pink (INR 475): My friend has Amway membership so she was after my life to buy some stuff from the brand and I ended up purchasing this gloss and a shampoo. I ordered the shade “Icy Pink”thinking it would be soft pink gloss which I can wear daily. However, it is pale pink shade with silver finish and when you apply the gloss you feel like you’re going to play cricket (you know how the cricketers apply white balm on their lips). It’s horrible, it makes me look sick.. never buying products from this brand.
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Coffee Gleam (INR 430): This lip-gloss is so sticky that I actually feel I literally applied glue on them. Plus, my hair keep sticking to them which is so annoying however all this world be worth if it lasted but it fades within an hour. as a gloss, it failed and i really regret my purchase.
  • Rimmel Nail White Pencil ($6): Everybody loves french manicure, right? So I bought this pencil which is supposed to use on tip of the nail (I know it’s old-school). This dint worked for me, it looks chalky and gets brushed off on its own. Yea, you first use it and it vanishes within an hour which is irritating.
  • Avon Simply Pretty Kajal (INR 200): This is the worst kajal I’ve tried so far. Firstly, it smudges like hell.. like I don’t have watery eyes but whenever I apply this kajal, it vanishes on its own within an hour. Yes, I applied it intensely and then walked out and by the time I met my friend and was about to click selfie, I saw my kajal is faded with lots of smudging.

Products I regret Buying3

  • Vega Foundation Brush (INR 225): ‘m a newbie so I was searching for a brush which is good for newbies and then I found this Vega foundation brush recommended by many bloggers. I tried it and I got so frustrated because it made my foundation so streaky. Moreover, if you’re a newbie, never go for flat brushes instead try using fluffy brushes which makes blending more easy for you. I don’t think this brush is good for anyone.
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Lotion (INR 995): I bought this lotion from TBS because I 2-3 dark blemishes on my face and thought of investing my money. But I was so disappointed with it because even after using it for 2 months straight, I couldn’t see any difference. I love it as a moisturizer but since the claims are too long, I think it deserves a position here.
  • Revlon Extra Body Flex Protein Conditioner (INR 225): The first thing is this conditioner and I’ve used it just once and I hated it. It made my hair rough rather than making it smooth. Moreover, it made my hair so unmanageable that I had to wash them again with another conditioner. Never buy it guys.

I hope you like the post, do comment below.

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Mansi is an Engineer by profession but a makeup lover by passion. She is here to share her views on various topics.


  1. megha says:

    OMG..you’ve really helped with so many brand failures…thanks.
    Even i didn’t like few of those like TBS lotion, Loreal pencil, Flex conditioner…

  2. Archana says:

    Thank you for this post… I was thinking of buying the Revlon Flex shampoo and conditioner. I think I will skip it now…

  3. anubhuti says:

    I used tea tree facewash by TBS range and i hated it…i just didn’t work for me and irritated my skin 🙁 I was planning to try flex shampoo conditioner but now i’ll steer clear of it..

  4. Vishakha says:

    Thanks for listing these, there are products that fail badly even after blogger recommendations. I have heard lots of negative stuff about that Revlon flex stuff.

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