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Top Grandma Beauty Secrets

We might have seen that our mothers and grandmothers have very few skin issues when compared to us. Our grandma’s skin used to glow like a tube light even without any face packs or anything. Do you know what the reason behind it is?? Healthy skin and healthy diet are the major reasons behind such glowing healthy skin. Haven’t your mother crossed you hundreds of times before you ever go for any new cosmetics or products. Haven’t she told you that trust on natural things for your skin. Well, that is the key to Grandma Beauty Secrets.

Let’s have a look at some of the best kept secrets of grandma’s:


  • Use honey instead of any moisturizer: honey is preferable in place of any moisturizer. It is a boon for dry skin people. It retains the moisture keeping your skin excessively soft and glowing too.
  • Use fuller earth for oily skin – if oils and pores are your major skin issues then you need to make a life time friendship with fuller earth. Use a fuller earth’s face pack at least once a week. And see the drastic reduction in your pore size and facial oils.
  • Use sugar scrub as your lip scrub – instead of going with any market based scrub try to go with sugar scrub. This will exfoliate your lips and keep them soft and clean at the same time.

Grandma Beauty Secret

  • Use natural oils instead of any fragmented hair oils – you should use natural oils like olive oil and mustard oil on your hair than any fragmented market available oils. You won’t get better moisturisation, sheen or lustre in your hair when compared to these hair oils.
  • Use yogurt instead of any hair conditioners – yogurt works as a super conditioner for your hair as compared to any other commercially available hair care product. Use yogurt once a week and see the effects on your hair.
  • Use salt instead of any other whitening toothpaste – salt works as a fab whitening product for your teeth. All this toothpastes which are artificially designed to whiten your teeth are of no use when compared to salt. They not only whiten your skin but also prevent any fungal infections.

So, these were some of the best kept secrets from grandma’s closet. These are some of the power foods from grandma’s kitchen stash. Don’t forget to try with them for a month or so before going on with the market based products.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome beauty tips. Keep up the great work. Applying honey is useful tip which I wasnt aware off.

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