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These days’ marriages have become more like an event and less like an experience. People are taking care of even minute details of their wedding. Be it the bride’s side or the groom side both have been taking an active participation in making the marriage a memorable one. But now a days marriages should not be only memorable but photogenic too. So, today we shall be talking about the topic Bride Groom Outfits on how you can co-ordinate clothes.

Bride Groom Outfits

And what plays one of the most important roles in making a marriage photogenic. The outfit of bride and groom. But many of you impending couples can have a common question that which type of outfit should you go for. Contrast or coordinating both look great but then you need to make a choice.

So, here are some quick tips and tricks as to which kind of outfit should bride and groom go for on the day of marriage –

Monotone Outfit:

If the bride is wearing a monotone lehenga then the groom should bring out colors in his outfit. If the color of bride is based on pink then the groom can go for fuschia or pink suit and all.

Multicolored lehenga:

If the bride is seen sporting a multi colored lehenga then the groom can go for a color which is the smallest or least visible in his bride’s outfit. That will keep the overall look balanced between the two.

Same family colors:

I am sure all of you might be aware of the color wheel. So, try to choose colors for both of you from the colors of same family. This will make the overall picture well-coordinated and photogenic.

Bride Groom Outfits

Bright colors:

if you are a bride who is really fond of bright colors in her bridal attire then make sure that your groom wears something which is on the lighter side but of the same color family.

Choosing groom’s outfit: When you are thinking of choosing a groom’s outfit then think of a color which you can choose as your dupatta color with your lehenga’s. That is the color your groom should wear.

Bride Groom Outfits

And here is an easy-peasy color guide which you guys can follow while choosing the outfits –

  • Bride – Red/orange ; Groom – cream, salmon, blush pink, crème and beige
  • Bride – hot pink ; Groom – cream, beige, soft pink, mint green, yellow
  • Bride – baby pink; Groom – cream, gold, mint green, deep wine, emerald-green
  • Bride – deep blue, green ; Groom – cream, beige, very pale colors in blue or green family
  • Bride – bright yellow ; Groom – mint, blush pink, baby blue, peach, ash grey, white
  • Bride – deep purple; Groom – beige, lilac, grey, black, white, baby blue
  • Bride – Ivory/ Gold ; Groom – navy blue, deep wine, emerald or beige

Bride Groom Outfits

So, that is a complete guide for the entire Bride Groom Outfits. Let us know if this article has benefitted you in the comments down below.

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