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There are some really difficult decisions and situations in life and this is one of such major situation. Many guys term it as the crisis hour. But trust me the situation is same with female folks too. Buying your partner’s clothes and shoes can be an easy task but buying an engagement ring is like trekking on a Mount Everest. So, here we will present you with a cheat sheet which will clearly illustrate on the Dos and DONTs of buying an engagement ring –

Engagement Ring

Dos of Buying an Engagement Ring

  1. Understand Their taste – it is extremely important to understand the taste of your partner while buying the jewelry. Discuss about it and look out for hints to understand his choice.
  2. Consult friends – you can consult their close buddies and take their recommendation as to which type of engagement ring should you go for.
  3. Show options – it’s best to show them different choices of engagement ring and ask if they liked anything out of it. May be that way he might give you a clear indication of his choice.
  4. Custom made – if you have something in mind then don’t hesitate to go for custom-made jewelry. Custom made is not always expensive and it will reflect your personal taste.
  5. Choose the one that is perfect for everyday usage – you might like something which is really trendy and all over the top but that not be perfect for daily usage. So, choose something which he can wear on regular basis not only on special occasions.

Engagement Ring

DONT’s of Buying an Engagement Ring

  1. Price Tag – You should get out of this notion that pricey items are going to be best. No, go for a good ring which he would like not one of the most costly ring.
  2. Impose your choice on them – don’t ever impose your choice of engagement ring on the other person. You should understand that a girl and guy’s choice differ to a large extent and thus your choice should not be imposed on him.
  3. Don’t go by friend’s recommendation completely – you should consult his/her friends but not completely listen to them. Your choice is one of the most important thing in this.
  4. Buy in a hurry – that is the worst decision. Take time, invest a good 2 months in finalizing the ring. Research more and more on this.
  5. Flimsy material – try to go for a durable material rather than an attractive but cheap material. Because the ring needs to be on the hand 24*7. So, it must be durable.

Engagement Ring

So, that was a long list of what all should you remember while buying the engagement ring. Don’t forget to bookmark the page just when your engagement is in rounds.

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