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There are many reasons why women want their lipstick to look immaculate and clean. When applied flawlessly like a pro, lipstick can make you look bold and effortlessly stylish and that’s why we are here to share sometips to Apply Lipstick Perfectly this season. Wearing the perfect shade of lipstick can greatly enhance your overall appearance, having an even greater impact than jewelry. Lipstick not only adds a tinge of color and drama to your look, but it also instantly accentuates your entire ensemble.



As wearing lipstick is quite a big deal to a lot of women, it is important to know how to apply lipstick like a total pro. Here are some simple steps to apply lipstick  that you should keep in mind:

  • Prep your lips

The first step to apply lipstick is to very gently exfoliate your lips to remove any rough or loose skin. Then apply some lip balm to make your lips look like a clean and smooth canvas.

  • Lip primer or foundation

Women who don’t wear foundation should opt for a suitable lip primer that acts as a moisturizing agent for the lips. As for women who do apply foundation, it has proven to be the best base for lipstick. Foundation has moisturizing properties that help keep the lipstick on for a longer duration. This tip to apply lipstick is not very well-known, but it is what makes the real difference.

  • Lip liner

Some women don’t like the idea of a lip liner, but if you pick a shade that matches your lipstick shade, then it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. It is also one of the essential steps to apply lipstick perfectly. Lip liner can exceptionally define and structure your lips and make them look balanced. Besides, applying lip liner keeps your lipstick from smudging outside.


  • Lock in the lip liner

For women who really want to master the art of applying lipstick, please don’t forget to powder your lip liner. Dab some loose luminous powder over your lip liner to give it durability.

  • Bring on the lipstick

Applying the lipstick with a brush gives way better results, as compared to applying it straight from the tube, especially if you want to apply lipstick like a pro. When applied with a brush, the lipstick is guaranteed to last longer. Once the lips have been colored, blot with a cosmetic tissue, and then re-coat or apply some lip gloss for a better, more beautiful texture and long lasting lip color.


In the end, seal the deal with a concealer. Dab a little concealer on Cupid’s bow, the center part of your top lip, for better definition and appearance. If you are the bride, this neat trick will give you long lasting lipstick during your wedding rituals. But ofcourse, you just aren’t looking for lipstick advice! It is your big day, and your makeup needs to be immaculate. These 15 bridal makeup tips and tricks by Reward Me is your complete guide to look the part of the bride effortlessly!


This article should give you a better understanding on how to apply lipstick and lipgloss to give you a glam and chic look for any occasion. You can get more such makeup tips and makeup tutorials with stepwise images at www.rewardme.in

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