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Being a bride is not everyone’s cup of tea. Actually, no every girl becomes a bride eventually. But to look all pretty and dolled up and center of attention on your wedding day is not extremely easy as people think and that’s when Pre-Bridal Facials come to rescue.

Many of us think that bride has to do nothing only sleep and rest all day. And that’s why she will end up looking like a Cinderella princess on her D day. But sadly that’s not the case. In the midst of all running, late night planning and stress the bride has to take care of her heath, dark circles and hair and all of that. So, this is the perfect time when she can use some of the Pre-Bridal Facials to truly revive and take care of her skin for the special day –

Pre-Bridal Facials

Casmara Facial:

The duration of this facial is for 60-90 minutes and this facial is said to be a boon for dry and combination skin types. In this facial a think gel casmara is applied on face and after some time you can remove this mask. It is like a peel off mask with the goodness of oats and pear extracts in it. And gradually you will wake up to a glowing, hydrated face and wonderfully the effects stays for 3 days straight.

Pre-Bridal Facials

03 facial:

All of us are aware of the numerous skin benefits of O3. This works as a fab de-tanning and then brightening facial. It is suited for all skin types and also comes at a budget price too. You can get this facial at number of nearby salons.

Sea pearl facial:

As per the name suggests the principal agent of this facial are sea extracts – sea water pearls and gigartina. After the treatment you wake up to a radiant and silky finish skin. No doubt this is a luxurious experience but worth trying I must say.

Pre-Bridal Facials

The New York / laser facial:

As per the name this facial uses the technology of laser lights or LED rays to penetrate into your skin and cleanse it thoroughly. There are number of salon who are doing this but you need to find the certified one as this treatment if gone wrong can lead to repercussions.

Skeyndor facials:

This uses the technology of O3 and Vitamin C facials. This is ideal for acne and problematic skin girls. You will get a clean and clear skin.

Pre-Bridal Facials

So, what are you waiting for?? Brides to be this is your cheat list to get a glowing skin on your D day. Let us know if you have tried any of this in the comments down below.

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