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Zero size is what we all girl’s desire (all thanks to Kareena kapoor) and to achieve it we get on the track to lose pounds from our body. But in spite of strict diet many times the scale still don’t budge. Well, that’s because there are many misconceptions about dieting efforts. So, before indulging into any kind of diet you should have correct information regarding it so as to create a healthy relationship between you and your diet. Below are some “common myths about Weight Loss” you must have heard, lets read them:

Weight Loss

Myth. Don’t eat after 6pm (ouchhh!!)

Fact: Your body doesn’t know at what time you’re eating so don’t worry. Many people think that eating after certain time will make them gain weight but that’s not scientifically proved yet. The calories should matter not the time. If you consume more calories in night then you may have indigestion which can lead to weight gain but for that walking can be done after dinner.

Myth: Have only meals..NO snacking.

Fact: It’s the calories that matters not the snacks between meals. It’s a myth if you think eating snacks between meals will affect your diet. In fact if you will eat healthy snacks in between then it might actually help you eat less. But make sure you’re eating healthy snacks and not chips, cookies, candies etc (I know that’s tough but you have to do it L :D). Yogurt, salads and other low-calorie snacks can be your choice. J

Myth: Cut Carbohydrates from your diet.

Fact: Carbohydrates don’t make you fact in fact they are necessary for balanced diet. Cutting carbohydrates lower than 130 grams per day can lack in the making of serotonin which will harm your brain. But that doesn’t mean you keep eating them in fact you should maintain the balance of carbohydrates in your diet. This way, you’ll lose weight in a healthy way.


Myth: Go vegan.

Fact: Unplanned vegetarian diet also contains equal amount of fat and calories. It is true that meat, fish and other poultry food have high calories, fat and fibre but vegetarian also contains the same when they are unplanned. Going vegan is not a solution in fact follow your daily calorie allowance and go for healthy eating rules.

Myth: Drinking water helps in losing weight.

Fact: Water is not magical. 😀 We all know water is really essential and it keeps our skin and body healthy but it’s not a magician who would spin his magic pencil and you’ll lose weight. 😀 Though I wish it was like thatL. But unfortunately it’s not, so don’t think much if you’re not losing weight even after drinking lots of water per day. This logic has no scientific theory.

Myth: Dairy products excuse please.

Fact: Dairy products have nutrients that are essential for balanced diet. Not drinking milk or not eating paneer, yogurt etc will not help you lose weight in fact it will give you bone-thinning diseases or osteoporosis. If you’re on “dieting mission” you can go for low-fat dairy products as they will complete your diet.

Thinking of weight-lose? Go for it but in a healthy way please.

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