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    How to do Nail-Art

    How to do Nail-Art We all heard about the “nail art” thing as it’s getting more and more popular. But it’s not possible for everyone to go and get nail art done every time. So, this DIY about How to...
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    Shahid-Alia “Shandaar” Couple

    Recently Shahid Kapoor got married and broke millions of hearts (including mine!). However, you cannot ignore the fact that he’s still damn hot and we just can’t stop admiring him. Well his new movie “Shandaar” is all set to hit...
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    Benefits of Mustard Oil

    Benefits of Mustard Oil Mustard oil is prepared from mustard seeds and it’s very common oil used for cooking purpose. Not only this, this oil is also used by old ladies for hair-massage and they swear by the benefits it...